Emirates Fine Foods is a company importing and buying fresh food products directly from the biggest Wholesale Markets in the world such as the International Rungis Market near Paris in France, and other markets located in South Africa, Japan, Australia,... Our office is located in Abu Dhabi and our partners are located into the market. Emirates Fine Food can provide a large range of services. These services are not only available to food industry professionals but also to others involved in the hotel business or catering industry.

Emirates Fine Foods is a key player on the Rungis Market if you intend to purchase fresh products.

We are now in a position to offer more than 30 000 food and non food products items

Rungis is the only market in the world selling such a wide range of products

Key figures of the Rungis Market :
  • 231 hectares
  • 1,600 000 tons of food delivered in 2006
  • 1350 companies and about 13000 people are working daily in Rungis
  • Euro 7,4 billions in turnover
  • More than 20 000 buyers per day
  • About 20 millions consumers supplied

One of our greatest assets is to provide only high quality perishable produce